References for many years of successful customer relationships in direct marketing

Satisfied customers are the best proof of successful collaboration. Our responsible methods provide our long-term clients with the assurance of working with experts in geomarketing and media planning. This makes us an efficient and reliable partner for customer campaigns.

Our services are used by both leading supra-regional retail groups and medium-sized companies with a local focus, who also rely on our media services and media solutions.

Intensive customer relationships, transparent project processing and renowned references represent quality and innovation for your local and national marketing success with prospega GmbH.


prospegamap als Planungstool für Prospektverteilungen
Flyercockpit ist eine Dokumentationsplattform für Haushaltswerbung
HELLO!-Flyer, unadressierte Werbung mal besonders
Nachbarn kaufen zusammen ein
Marke der Sonderwerbeform Bierdeckelpost
Die prospega Mediendatenbank
Geostrategische Lösungen für selektive Prospektwerbung
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