Advertising supplements – generating local relevance

Whether during the week or at the weekend, with supplements in advertising newspapers, weekly newspapers or cover sheets in delta distribution, you can reach your target group using local media.

Advertising supplements in the form of leaflets inserted automatically or manually in newspapers and magazines have developed to become a main focus for unaddressed advertising in Germany while they are attributed significantly less importance in many other European countries. For us, therefore, they represent a central area of our product portfolio, one in which we support your successful campaign planning in our capacity as a media service.

Beilagenwerbung mit prospega in lokalen Wochenblättern und Anzeigenblättern


Publishing network permits a high degree of coverage with supplements

Unaddressed advertising supplements permit maximum print coverage for your advertising message as they enable significantly more households to be reached than using classic leaflet distribution where advertising materials are delivered directly without newspapers. As a special mediator in the area of unaddressed advertising supplements, prospega organises networks of publishers tailored for individual customers which publish and deliver these free advertising newspapers. With a single contact partner, complex print campaigns in Germany can be easily planned, booked and implemented.


Addressing target groups with advertising supplements

Particularly in urban German markets displaying high shares of classic printed ad deniers, advertising newspapers tap target groups by combining the editorial content of the free newspaper with leaflet advertising supplements inside. Usually displaying a high degree of local acceptance, the title represents an additional media service. In its experience of marketing its own newspaper titles, prospega displays additional competence for customers by integrating advertising supplements to address regional target groups.


Facts and framework conditions for planning supplements

The prospega media team draws up campaign-based media plans documenting the key campaign parameters: dates, publishers involved, print runs, territory covered, delivery addresses, delivery conditions and titles of the media item.

  • Coverage: supra-regional or branch-based planning (by rounds, postal codes etc., depending on availability)
  • Delivery: comprehensive list of delivery addresses required, time framework and packing guidelines for advertising supplements
  • Prices: depending on distribution days by weekly newspapers, print runs, weight and frequency as well as processability and maximum use


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