Flyercockpit: comprehensive solution for campaign documentation


In the form of the innovative portal under the Flyercockpit brand, prospega supplies retail customers with a solution for comprehensive tabular and geographic campaign documentation. This is particularly recommendable for regular high-volume orders in the area of advertising newspaper supplements and leaflet distribution.

With Flyercockpit, marketing managers and media planners can independently define and generate for their campaigns map and data reports on locations, print runs, partners, distribution areas and regional relationships between branches and areas. At the same time, Flyercockpit also offers a central dashboard as an interface for integrating additional customised tools and modules in a convenient and assistant-supported manner. Controlling and transparency are united here with user-friendly operating interfaces to form a useful tool. This helps you to achieve sustainable management of your print advertising campaigns with unaddressed leaflet advertising.

prospega flyercockpit, die Marke für die Dokumentation von Kampagnen im Bereich Haushaltswerbung

Flyercockpit ist eine Dokumentationsplattform für Haushaltswerbung
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