Geoanalysis – refined information leads to new discoveries

At micro and macro level, a diversified data universe is available which permits analyses, e.g. of customers, competitors, locations, media, quality or regions. Locations can be examined for their appeal, geographic developments can be monitored neutrally over a time axis, and spatial systems can be simulated in several dimensions. And independent of all media, prospega offers customers geoanalyses ranging from geocoding international customer data to expert reports detailing the appeal of locations for real estate for use in the area of sheltered housing, whereby interdisciplinary collaboration between geographers, IT system designers, market researchers and marketing experts is promoted by prospega.

Potential and site analyses

Whether textile outlets, DIY stores or bakeries – choosing the appropriate location is of long-term significance for companies. The prospega geoanalysis identifies the strengths and weaknesses and/or potentials of locations according to criteria specified by the customer. Potential analyses and scorings can be undertaken with approved internal or external corporate data. Various analytical steps can be integrated depending on the analysis requirements and intensity. For example:

  • Postal code origin analyses
  • Travel time distance analyses
  • White spot analyses
  • Huff models

Geoanalyse als Kombination aus Geodaten, Metadaten, Methoden, Systemen und den richtigen Fragen.

Our geoanalysis cartography and map printing service

Gleaning information from data and depicting it in basic forms is an elementary component of geographic data processing. A picture says more than a thousand words – this is also true when it comes to the effect triggered by maps. Whether as an A0 map, PDF or analysis presentation using various thematic maps, we draw up the corresponding individual atlas for your question, in your Corporate Design if you wish.

Do you wish to evaluate the geographic data of your online shop within the framework of geomarketing, visualise a postal code survey at the PoS or draw up a path analysis of your suppliers? Then avail of our analysis and map service to obtain an image of the entire space. We also offer geodata research for your media planning.

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