Geomarketing for optimised advertising campaigns & sustainable success

Geomarketing is a marketing-supporting method of analysing market- and company-related data in combination with the market area. This marketing sub-discipline ensures better corporate decisions, particularly in the areas of media planning and leaflet distribution. Regular market processing on the basis of regional conditions is not only a firm fixture in major corporations, but also in medium-sized companies, whereby geomarketing answers questions concerning “locations”:

  • Where is the target group for the products and services offered by the company?
  • Where is the competition?
  • Where can the company acquire new customers and more market share?
  • How can sales be optimised?
  • How does the respective advertising reach the target group?

Providing answers to these questions via spatial analysis of corporate data bases combined with external market data leads to new information for more accurate regional market processing. With a team of geographers and IT experts, prospega offers the right solutions for optimising customer campaigns in terms of geographic factors.

Erfolgskoordinaten mit Geomarketing - Marketing mit dem Blick auf die räumliche Relevanz

Geodata as a basis for successful media planning

Geomarketing methods differentiate the market in terms of local spatial factors. By relying on the geo- and market data bases of leading national and international suppliers, prospega creates a customised data space for maintaining control over media measures in such a way that they display minimum waste coverage while remaining budget-optimised.

How does geomarketing consulting by prospega work?

Numerous corporate data sets demonstrate spatial references. Once customer addresses are stored in the customer data base, sales can be allocated to postal codes. Furthermore, customer addresses are used to link competing locations with own branches. prospega analyses such data using the Geographic Information System (GIS) and visualises the results on thematic maps. This opens up entirely new perspectives in terms of new spatial potentials which, in turn, form the basis for media planning and media management.

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