Leaflet distribution – classic household advertising

Even in the age of digital media, classic leaflet advertising in the form of distributing leaflets to households still forms a key anchor for retail customers and, increasingly, for companies offering services. As media change, the significance of leaflets for advertising local offers at the POS has remained steadily high as consumers still regard leaflets and flyers as a source of interesting offers – from everyday requirements to high-quality goods. prospega has developed a competent media service for this area of advertising and is a competent partner when it comes to distributing advertising to households.


Targeted address of up to 32 million households

Based on many years of supporting companies with their regular advertising, prospega has succeeded in developing an extensive data base, e.g. on factors such as suppliers, supplier quality, local media prices, logistics centres, distribution areas etc. for its leaflet distribution service. Enabling customers to evaluate and deploy the delivery mode in terms of its media success.

Many individually designed leaflets, catalogues, special advertising formats such as the HELLO! flyer, product samples or beer mats can only be delivered as direct distribution if this delivery mode is still logistically possible, with the exception of noted “leaflet distribution” ad deniers.

Prospektverteilung mit prospega um Frequenz am Point of Sale zu generieren

KPIs and data for your successful planning:

  • Branch- or campaign-based cartographic analyses and statistics
  • KPI-based selection of service-providers by prospega mediaha!
  • Identification of media alternatives (e.g. advertising newspapers, delta distribution, daily newspapers) if leaflet distribution is not possible in the form of direct distribution or supply


Test our experience in planning national distribution of your leaflet advertising. We will develop a network proposal for your leaflet distribution.


Geostrategische Lösungen für selektive Prospektwerbung
Marke der Sonderwerbeform Bierdeckelpost
prospegamap als Planungstool für Prospektverteilungen
HELLO!-Flyer, unadressierte Werbung mal besonders
Nachbarn kaufen zusammen ein
Flyercockpit ist eine Dokumentationsplattform für Haushaltswerbung
Die prospega Mediendatenbank
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