Comprehensive communication options for leaflet distribution by Leafletto


Aligned towards service-providers in the area of advertising newspaper publishers, daily newspapers and classic delivery companies, the prospega Group has collaborated with a consulting company to develop the interactive portal Leafletto. This serves towards improving communication between local delivery agents, distributors and newspaper delivery staff on the one hand and publishing and distribution companies on the other. Using the user-friendly portal, full-time delivery agents can, for example:

  • document the times of their individual rounds to the exact second,
  • see their area definitions,
  • obtain access to electronic views of their accounts and income tax statements and
  • access added values offered.

In the form of the Leafletto platform, the prospega agency incorporates its knowledge of the sector in order to raise the general quality standards by means of improved internal networking.

prospega nutzt in seinen Tochterverlagen Leafletto um den Zustellern eine umfassende Kommunikationsplattform anzubieten.

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