Outdoor advertising – wide-scale or targeted advertising

From its beginnings as classic advertising columns, outdoor advertising has meanwhile established itself as an integrated digital form of advertising. Thanks to digitisation, the medium displays positive annual growth rates. For developing brands and locally addressing passers-by and motorists, the possibilities of out-of-home advertising represent inestimable importance. In designing your campaign, we support you regardless of

  • the size of the planned advertisement – placard, large-sized poster or another medium,
  • the advertising medium selected and its location,
  • your budget for the campaign and
  • the selected media.

During planning, we align ourselves towards the communication goal and the target group.

Ob klassische Außenwerbung oder digitale Großflächen, mit prospega planen Sie Ihre Out-of-Home Kampagnen zielgenau.


Classic basic outdoor advertising formats

We offer the following advertising media throughout Germany for placard advertising, for example:

  • Poster space used by several advertisers (ideal for events, regional advertising): various media, good for cultural and public events, comprehensive distribution
  • Large poster space (for striking and specific PoS advertising): free-standing media or as wall space, for striking and specific PoS poster format advertising, 18/1, good dispersion, selection by individual locations
  • Poster space reserved for one advertiser: more efficient target group approach, advertising column featuring one advertiser, comprehensive dispersion, full visibility

Visible thanks to booking by prospega

We make your message visible through bookings which do not depend on a single provider, close collaboration and all-round support by our competent team of experts.
As an option, we offer our ALL-IN package with design, inexpensive printing and poster installation. Our outdoor advertising services are rounded off by competent geomarketing consulting for specific coverage optimisation of the campaign.

Invest in prospega as your partner for design, creativity, production, media planning and booking.

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