Successful printed advertising with prospega

Advertising in regional advertising newspapers or in daily newspapers represents classic print advertising. Particularly when addressing an affluent older target group, the newspaper as a medium continues to flex its muscles. After all, depending on the type of newspaper involved, printed advertising can use copy and design to appeal to a specific target group and the information to be communicated can be prepared accordingly for readers. Making this type of advertising an ideal supplement to outdoor advertising or leaflet distribution.
Our offers are characterised by many years of experience in print, combined with a passionate commitment to innovative print solutions, including in the area of performance marketing. For customers, this enables the design and negotiation of package solutions comprising advertisements, supplements and digital coverage by publishers.

Anzeigenwerbung realisieren in Zeitungen, Wochenblättern oder Magazinen mit dem prospega Mediaservice

Exclusive media plans for your printed advertising

Together, we discuss the essential topics when planning the media for your advertising campaign. Some key issues include:

  • In what media do the services advertised coincide with the appropriate target group?
  • What advertising dates are particularly suitable for your services and products?
  • What media mix is required for achieving the defined campaign goals?
  • Is the advertising budget scaled in line with the campaign?
  • How should measures for monitoring the campaign be co-ordinated?

Our service in the area of printed advertising also includes developing campaign-based media plans in which the prospega media team documents the key campaign parameters: dates, publishers involved, issues booked with print runs, format specifications for the advert and titles. prospega media reports provide you with information on bookings and level control.

At prospega, professional advertising is based on facts, practical expertise and our lively commitment to our customers’ advertising success.

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