Creating trust through consistent quality monitoring

Professional support of the media budgets with which we are entrusted is particularly reflected in our focus on top quality management. In accordance with our understanding of quality, it goes without saying that in-house processes following delivery of advertising media by customers already follow a specified procedure which includes a wide variety of control mechanisms.

We aim to provide QM monitoring which is aligned towards the high demands of our customers and not only the standards of the respective sector. That's why we rely on the smooth process steered by prospega quality management in our interactions between internal and external resources. Whether supplier benchmarking, traffic light and rating systems, external reminder value analyses, panel surveys or web-based QM interfaces for using a single system to design complaint management more transparently between customers and the agency – prospega adapts the manifold options to the customers’ individual requirements.

Qualitätsmanagement bei der prospega - Medien unter der Lupe

QM web service

On the basis of many years of expertise in designing processes, prospega has developed a web-based quality management solution for household advertising. In collaboration with selected development partners, a user-friendly web service was designed and implemented which forms an interface to the customer for quality assurance during cross-branch orders.

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