Our extensive data base of ad deniers


The regional differences in ad denier rates for leaflets represent knowledge which could only be portrayed transparently for a long time. By law, letterboxes bearing stickers indicating that advertising is not desired must not be considered in distribution.

Since 2010, prospega GmbH has been a development and distribution partner of the new data base for ad deniers at the level of detailed postal code areas starting with 8 and in street sections. This represents local households rejecting advertising leaflets. The data gleaned supports respectable implementation of selective direct marketing campaigns and is used by media planners at prospega GmbH for planning and controlling purposes in in-house sector-specific geomarketing applications.

Deutschlandweite Datenbank zu Werbeverweigerern von Prospekt- und Flyerwerbung auf feinräumiger Ebene (PLZ8)

The micro-geographical availability of ad denier rates among leaflet distribution gives rise to the following advantages, for example:

  • Decision rules based on statistics between the use of various types of media can be made (e.g. supplements in weeklies as opposed to direct distribution).
  • Print runs for various channels can be controlled and relativised.
  • Potentials and customer density can be analysed


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