prospega media tools: digital tools and interactive data base


As an agency, digital tools and interactive media data bases are among the core competencies of customer consulting. That is why we have developed some effective media tools for household advertising and leaflet distribution. These include:

In order to react with maximum flexibility to swiftly changing requests by marketing decision-makers, prospega has developed an internal IT competence centre.

Our concept of modern media processes is characterised by:

  •     Reaction speed
  •     Independence in developing media data bases
  •     Provision of trustworthy interfaces
  •     Clear focus on digitalisation processes


prospega - Mediatool-Entwicklung aus der Praxis

prospegamap als Planungstool für Prospektverteilungen
Marke der Sonderwerbeform Bierdeckelpost
Geostrategische Lösungen für selektive Prospektwerbung
Nachbarn kaufen zusammen ein
Flyercockpit ist eine Dokumentationsplattform für Haushaltswerbung
HELLO!-Flyer, unadressierte Werbung mal besonders
Die prospega Mediendatenbank