Outsourcing print purchasing with prospega print management


Independent analysis of print service-providers and purchasing printed media – from newspapers through leaflets to large-sized posters – is a key component of our agency services. When you assign prospega with print purchasing tasks, we start off by screening the suppliers, whereby our experts take consideration of key factors such as the latest possible submission of printing data, payment conditions, delivery times, paper qualities, data approval processes and prices.
Avail of these advantages when outsourcing print purchasing to a strong partner:

  • Savings in terms of your own resources and time
  • Minimisation of risk when selecting service-providers
  • Utilising our expertise in handling printing for a variety of customers
  • Cost savings by aggregating print volumes in professional print purchasing

Our lively network enables us to offer you inexpensive and high-quality quotations. Whether offset, large-format or digital printing: prospega offers you a wide range for realising your specifications for your individual advertising materials.

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