prospegamap for easy planning of unaddressed advertising


In 2010, prospega developed the popular online service prospegamap as an innovative method of swift and direct planning of unaddressed advertising on a regional and national basis. Without any entry barriers, users in the areas of media planning, trading and purchasing marketing services can directly determine the coverage of a campaign by selecting postal codes on an interactive map while simultaneously calculating the net print run throughout the country. Since its launch, thousands of queries have been received by prospega media consultants. Numerous leaflets have found their ways into letterboxes thanks to convenient online planning of leaflet distribution.
Following several updates, prospegamap has developed to become a versatile media planning tool thanks to specific requirements voiced by its users. The technology developed by prospega is also available to customers as a white-label solution and can be accessed intelligently via API.



prospegamap - die Planungsplattform für Haushaltswerbung und Prospektverteilung in Deutschland

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