Targeted advertising: selective delivery based on geodata

Target Select is an innovative marketing solution for your company for target group-oriented delivery of unaddressed advertising. Specific targeted advertising gives you a direct line to your customers: consulting on spatial containment of your target group for selective distribution of your leaflets and advertising materials is based on a comprehensive micro-geographic marketing data base and the prospega geoinformation system. Target Select represents small-scale, target group-specific household advertising enabling marketing information from score cards to be translated into distribution areas.

Zielgruppen lokalisieren und selektiv mit Haushaltswerbung ansprechen

3 steps for successful targeted advertising using Target Select

  1. Definition of relevant target groups
  2. Identification of distribution areas / GD market clusters
  3. Target group-specific leaflet distribution
    • Acquisition of new customers
    • Reduction in scatter losses
    • Higher response rate
    • Minimising printing costs and distribution volume
    • Goal of reducing scatter losses for the campaign
    • Better response rate based on response/print run


Goals of micro-geographic targeting

The Target Select approach aims towards closing the gap between detailed delivery using both partially-addressed advertising and unaddressed deliveries at an approximate spatial level. Furthermore, targeted advertising aims to specifically distribute unaddressed advertising to the relevant core target group. The concept is extended by the cross-medial possibility to advertise to one of the selected Target Select groups in parallel via social media channels.

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